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At Imagine Leadership LLC, we inspire, motivate, and empower diverse and multicultural leaders.

“Over 40, I had given up on being married. Although I was very successful lawyer, marriage didn’t seem like it possibility. After working with Judi, I realized what I was doing in the search for my future husband and I changed up my game. I got a new job making more money, working less hours. Then I found the love of life! He’s perfect for me. He enjoys cooking and cleaning. We’ve been together for a few years now and we are even considering becoming parents. I can’t believe it!” H.

Atlanta, GA

“I was a recent MBA graduate and looking for a job. A year after graduate school, I was still unemployed. Through referrals, I discovered Judi. In a few sessions, I re-evaluated my job search and found my dream job! A few months later, I manifested the life of my dreams with a new car. At the time, I was looking for an apartment. I decided to save up money by living at home instead and recently bought a house!” J.

Washington D.C.

“My experience with working with Judi is amazing! I had applied for a job and was negotiating the salary offer. With 24 hours to accept the offer, I talked to her about how grateful I was for the job, but disappointed about the salary level. She helped me develop a comfortable way to negotiate the overall package. When I talked to my employer, I received $9,000 more as my initial offer. Additionally they gave me another $11,000 raise in 6 months. Working with Judi is worth every penny.” D.

Washington D.C.

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