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Check out more information under Resources on business and leadership for Asian women on JudiRheeAlloway.com.

ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership View on LinkedIn
ASAE is a membership organization of more than 22,000 association executives and industry partners representing more than 11,000 organizations. Our members manage leading trade associations, individual membership societies and voluntary organizations across the United States and in nearly 50 countries around the world.

Center for Creative Leadership View on LinkedIn
An international group for those who have had a CCL leadership development experience at any of our campuses worldwide. Click here to connect with others who share an interest in leadership and leadership development. Here, you can also continue the peer learning conversation and expand your network.

Diversity Woman – Leadership & Executive Development View on LinkedIn
Diversity Woman is committed to supporting the leadership and executive development of women professionals, executives and entrepreneurs. We provide ideas, solutions and resources to support the success of your careers and businesses.

Informal Leadership View on LinkedIn
How is it that some people cut through formal channels to get things done, with great results and on time? Why do some become the “go-to” people when problems arise? Who rallies and motivates the troops when management can’t?

You can now identify these progressive achievers and put them to work.

Today’s managers are being asked to work harder, smarter, and produce more with the same or less resources. Typically, about 80 to 90 percent of an organization is non-management, and there are individuals within this large group who have the power and influence to impact the bottom line. By identifying and empowering their informal leaders, managers tap a hidden gold mine of talent and skills in their organizations.

Innovation in Leadership Development View on LinkedIn

This group is designed for people who would like to challenge status quo and reinvent management and leadership development. You can share unique methodologies, best practices, bold ideas, lessons learned, and anything else you think would help this community.

You are always welcome to contribute or to ask questions. Your peers will be happy to provide rare insights and help you reinvent management and leadership development in your organization.

Leadership Agility View on LinkedIn
We invite you to join this forum for discussions that further the understanding and advancement of the developmental perspective described in the book, Leadership Agility, and that explore methodologies useful in fostering increased leadership, team, and organizational agility. Occasional announcements will be posted by the moderator. It is not a place for you to advertise services, recruit or job search.

Leadership Development View on LinkedIn
This subgroup is designed for those folks in the Leadership Development aspects of training and development. Use if for brainstorming, networking or as a general knowledge pool of ideas and resources based on Leadership Development.

LEAD (Leadership for Environment and Development) View on LinkedIn
LEAD believes that leadership is essential for a sustainable future. To tackle the complex social and environmental challenges that our world faces, we need people who can mobilize others and drive change in areas that will make a real difference to the future of our planet.

LEAD is the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to building leadership capacity for sustainable development, with twelve offices worldwide. Our mission is to inspire leadership for a sustainable world. During our 20 year history, we have trained over 2,400 leaders across 90 countries who are united by a common purpose – making change happen.
We provide open and customized leadership programs and training for individuals and organizations across sectors, cultures and borders to build a new generation of global leaders.

Leadership Quote View on LinkedIn

Thanks to everyone who has joined our group so far! I’d like to point out that we’re not just sharing the quotes themselves. If you follow the links that we post through to LeadershipQuote.org, my partner Graham shares what he believes the leader is thinking when he or she says those famous words and how you could use that information, knowledge and wisdom in your business, career and life.

There’s nothing to sell! We just want to create a community where we can learn from famous leaders past and present, develop our leadership skills and become better business leaders overall. We understand that no matter how good a leader you are, the day you stop learning is the day you stop growing.

If there’s a famous quote that you really like and you would like to share it with the rest of the group, by all means do so. We look forward to your contribution!

Leadership Skills & Development for Business View on LinkedIn

Leadership Skills & Development for Business describes itself as a community for leaders and aspiring leaders from the world of SMEs discussing everything leadership. Their purpose is to share, education and bring together the experience and knowledge of diverse professionals.

Leadership Think Tank View on LinkedIn

Leadership ThinkTank is a Community committed to collaborate for the improvement of leadership concepts and practices. Our world has entered a new era of relationship between leaders and followers, which very clearly, calls for new leaders and a new brand of Leadership in Business and Industry.

Our challenge is to find good people to help us accomplish that goal, because gathering a successful community of people is not only helpful, it’s necessary to the pursue of this goal.

Lean Six Sigma View on LinkedIn

Lean Six Sigma is leadership methodology with a customer and data driven focus, on improving quality, reducing waste, increasing process speed, and building new relationships. This group joins together to network, to learn, to develop business, Jobs, careers, certification opportunities, to participate in best practice sharing, and maintain & build new relationships.

Linked 2 Leadership View on LinkedIn

Linked 2 Leadership is The Leadership Collaboratory™ dedicated to the highest principles in Leadership Development, Organizational Health, and Personal & Professional Growth.

Our mission is to provide a safe place to Learn, Grow & Develop other leaders.
We are a place for servant leadership.

We serve our members with ways to get executive and management jobs, to get exposure for your book, event, or offering, to get important information to your inbox, and to get you published on one of the most popular management & leadership blogs on the net!

Mindfulness in the Workplace and Mindful Leadership View on LinkedIn

This group is dedicated to the application of mindfulness based approaches (MBCT, MBSR, ACT) in the workplace. This group is for anyone who wants to discuss the benefits of mindful practice in the context of work and share information about relevant retreats, conferences, workshops etc.

National Society of Leadership & Success View on LinkedIn
The National Society of Leadership & Success has a mission dedicated to creating lasting positive changes in people’s lives. One can achieve their dreams with proper support and dedicated action. We help people realize their dreams and change the world in the process.

Nonprofit Leadership Think Tank View on LinkedIn
The Nonprofit Leadership Think Tank is a resource for community minded individuals at all levels, including nonprofit executives and management, program management, social enterprise, grassroots organizers, and individuals interested in giving back. Share your experiences and help others like yourself find solutions for the greater good!

Situational Leadership View on LinkedIn
This venerable model of how best to lead and influence was developed over 40 years ago by Dr. Paul Hersey.
By providing high quality behavior-based instruction directly and indirectly through licensure, train-the –trainer, master certification, and executive sessions more than 14 million people around the world have been positively impacted by the Situational Leadership® model. Perhaps you’re one of them?

Our discussions are moderated. Main topics for discussions are Situational Leadership® and all its applications in the private, public, government, and non-profit organizations along with personal and family lives. Also open for inclusion are discussions concerning Networking, Best Practices, Tips, Trends, and Careers.

Smart Leaders Network View on LinkedIn
Every success starts and finishes with leadership. This group is intended to provide a confidential exchange of ideas, support and advice in a supportive Executive Management peer environment. While the basic procedural processes remain consistent, the road to success for C level executives is littered with challenges.
You can read all the books, attend all the seminars but there is always something missing… This group aims to fill this gap by sharing experiences and providing practical advice on how to succeed. Leading corporations are always a challenge, but those challenges multiply in current times.

This group intends to share leadership and executive management expertise for C level managers that are both in line with universal best practices and the unique challenges of your sector. It is a place to exchange experiences, practices, discuss challenges, strategies, various leadership, executive and management methodologies, latest research and ideas related to leading teams and corporations. Leaders at various C levels and seasoned Executive Managers are encouraged to share their knowledge with others.

Teamwork Leadership View on LinkedIn

TEAMwork Leadership is a group for those who lead teams, trainers, consultants and all others that desire to make teams more effective. We discuss team building, team leadership, obstacles to teamwork, successful teamwork stories and much more. Please come join us.

The group is supported by Teamwork and Leadership Bloggings with Mike Rogers. See the Web site to the right.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading – Unofficial View on LinkedIn

This is the unofficial TED page on LinkedIn. This group is for people that are fans of TED to discuss all things TED and other ideas worth spreading.

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences — the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer — TED includes the award-winning TEDTalks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

The Leadership Challenge View on LinkedIn
A group for those who are interested in the Leadership Challenge material and curriculum. We are a network of people from around the world with an interest in learning and helping others learn to be better leaders.

The Leadership Development Group View on LinkedIn

A professional learning community for individuals and organizations committed to helping companies implement an internal and accelerated leadership development process that “builds leadership capacity to drive business performance and talent mobility.” Join us to share best practices to position this group as global thought leaders. The focus is more on application based on relevant research in the field of leadership development. Our “Assess, Learn, Grow” model will shape the direction of our discussions.

The Leadership Strategies Facilitation & Leadership Community View on LinkedIn

Those who participate in Leadership Strategies facilitation training gain the tools and techniques top facilitators use to prepare for success, get a session started, focus the group, use (not abuse) the power of the pen, gather information, manage disagreement/dysfunction, build consensus, maintain high energy, close the session, and construct customized action plans.

This group is ideal for managers, executives, facilitators, training professionals, consultants, sales professionals, and analysts who need to lead a task force, establish a strategic direction, run better meetings, get a business process operating efficiently, establish performance objectives, work through conflict/internal strife, and/or define the specific needs of a user community.

Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations View on LinkedIn

Do you want to be a front runner? Do you want to become the leader in your company? This is group for executives and/or aspiring executives who want to be transformational leaders in their companies.

Women In Leadership View on LinkedIn
Women’s Leadership We are committed to increase the number of women in leadership positions and supporting those that wish to become leaders. Our vision is to empower women to fulfill their greatest potential.