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Not living the life of your dreams? Try Abundance Coaching!

Time, the overarching superhero of our lives, asks of you, how do you effectively use your time? Are you on time? Do you waste time?

In our Imagine Leadership coaching sessions, we explore and melt your iceberg, your unconscious blocks, that stop you from being a leader of your life.

Don’t believe us?  Watch this video about Everyone Needs a Coach with Bill Gates and the value of business coaching with Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Beginners Way Coaching

beginner's way coaching Beginners Way Coaching $75 a week

Up to 1/2 hour weekly phone for 12 sessions

Middle Way Coaching

 Middle Way CoachingMiddle Way Coaching $150 a week

Up to 1 hour every other week on the phone for 12 sessions

Way of the Guru Coaching

way of the guru coachingWay of the Guru Coaching $200 a week

Up to 1 hour weekly in person for 12 sessions